Welcome to Rob's web site


life A description of me
Some pictures of me
(you can click on the picture)
Some pictures of John
(you can click on the picture)
work About the work that I do
pictures from my time in New York
Some pictures I made during my time in New York City
California, July'11
Pictures from our trip to California and Las Vegas of July 2011
and some from my time in Sta Monica
And some pix I made during my time in Santa Monica, California,
including of my trips to Florence and Japan
cancer screening The dissertation for my promotion to PhD concerning evaluation of cancer screening
rotterdam Some pictures taken in Rotterdam and close by
not far from rotterdam Some pictures taken slightly further from Rotterdam
b/w portraits for cocindjes Black and white pictures I made of active members of the COC-Rotterdam for their paper
saint nicholas About a typically Dutch Saint Nicholas celebration
gaypride Gay Pride celebrations in different places
stay in usa 1999 Pictures I made at during my stay in the USA May-July 1999
other trips Pages about trips I made, some written stories, others with mainly pictures
july & august 1998 Some pictures I made at the end of July and beginning of August of 1998 around the time of the Summer Carneval in Rotterdam and the Gay Games in Amsterdam

I just moved this web site to dutchrob.50webs.com and have not checked all links. If anything is wrong, please let me know.

My home pages here are probably just like my own apartment: Nothing really fancy, but it has got what I think it needs, and a bunch of things more as well.

Now that I am having these web pages for a while, I see that I don't get around to updating them very often, but of course it would help if you email me about that.